Grant Baker

Grant Baker

Country: South Africa
Nick Name: Twiggy
Date of birth: 1973
Height: 5’11”
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: BOS Ice Tea, Country Feeling, Futures, Twig Surfboards
Best Big Wave: Dungeons
Favorite Big Wave Board: 11’0” Twig Model by Jeff Bushman / Spider Murphy / Wayne Webster
Worst Wipe-Out: Peahi
Hobbies: Surfing, Kiteboarding, SUP, Snowboarding, and Soccer
Facebook: TWIG

Durban, South Africa is a virtual paradise for surfing inside the barrel and “Twiggy” took full advantage of the opportunity. Developing a seemingly instinctual ability to pull inside and suddenly emerge from any available pocket. Applying these same reflex reactions to the big waves of Capetown provided immediate results, and within a season or two, he became the man to watch when the big swells hit the now famous break called “Dungeons”.

Taking his act across the planet to compete in the 2006 Maverick’s Surf Contest, Twiggy shocked himself and the surfing world by winning the contest in stunning fashion. And just like that, Grant Baker had earned his spot among the elite big wave surfers in the world.

From the center of the dance floor to the most isolated spots imaginable, Twiggy is always in search of new waves and thrills. To try and follow in his footsteps is close to impossible for all but a select few. When the waves are huge and out of control you’ll see Grant, ear to ear grin, amped to get the party rolling.

Records and Contests:
Billabong Pico Alto Invitacional (Pico Alto, Peru) 2010 – 6th place
Todos Santos Big Wave Event (Ensenada, Baja Mexico) 2010 – 5th place
Quiksilver Ceremonial Punta de Lobos (Punta de Lobos, Chile) 2009 – 1st place
Billanong XXL 2009-2010  – “Ride of the Year Award”
Billabong XXL 2008-2009  – “Biggest Wave Award”
Billabong XXL 2008-2009 – “Surfline Best Overall Performance Award”
Mavericks Surf Contest (Half Moon Bay, USA) 2006 – Winner